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HIRG's Remote Coding Solution

Another benefit is HIRG coders from across the U.S. are utilized by time zone to provide a quick turn-around in processing and coding our client's charts. Saving you time and money is always in the forefront of our business services.

HIRG's Remote Coding Solution includes four key components:

  • Activation
  • Installation
  • Compliance
  • "Housekeeping"

Activation: HIRG partners with your IT and HIM designees to establish remote system and coding software applications.

Installation: We submit a pool of qualified coding resumes from which our clients choose. We then establish the remote connectivity and system passwords. Remote coders then test system access and all required HIM software.

Compliance: The coding lead for your facility will train, via conference call, the HIRG coders on your facility's pre-defined coding/abstraction guidelines. HIRG's coders will then code a sampling of charts for the client's coding lead to review. If this process is satisfactory, then the process is established. If not, additional training or resume submission is available and implemented.

Housekeeping: The HIRG account manager works daily with each client's designee to ensure their needs are met and on schedule. HIRG adds or pulls coders as necessary to meet the fluctuating coding needs for the facility. HIRG's account manager works with IMD to ensure continual connectivity to all systems. In addition, HIRG facilitates internal audits on a weekly basis, at our cost, not yours.

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