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HIRG focuses on what's most important to the HIM Director and department, while also thinking like a CFO. With an eye on all the details such as tracking incomplete documentation and physician queries, we assist our clients so that they maximize their expenditures, and personnel. We make the constantly-changing regulations and compliance updates a top priority. When we work with you and your team, staffing challenges become a non-issue.

HIRG's remote coding solution is a measurable value, and then some.

Here's what you can expect:

  • 24 Hr. availability.
  • DoD experienced coders.
  • Physician trending reports.
  • Physician education.
  • Virtual auditing support services.
  • Expanded Nationwide network of remote HIM coders with various multi-coding specialties.

Our professional coding staff is constantly pushed to be the best in the business. HIRG tests and trains its coders so they are up-to-date on compliance and regulations.

You can expect the following:

  • HIPAA compliance—No PHI leaves the facility.
  • Coders are pre-approved by HIM management.
  • Passwords/logins, access and training are pre-established.
  • Remote Coding support is immediate upon request.
  • Dependable coding support on demand.
  • Coding performed real time for your facility.
  • Data encryption secures HIPPA privacy.
  • Unlimited staffing of coders available to meet facility's fluid workflow needs.

Going Beyond Traditional Limits

Being dependable and reliable are cornerstones to our services, and we take that commitment to helping our clients work with their support services as well such as IT and hospital executives.

Health Information Resource Group customizes your remote coding staff to your individual needs and matches the right coders with the job at hand.

You can count on HIRG as a problem-solving partner in the event of:

  • Absent coding support; i.e. sick days, vacation coverage, system education, training, etc.
  • IT system disruptions
  • Insufficient physician documentation

Other coding resources are limited by:

  • Restricted workspace/stations, workdays and hours.
  • Travel costs (i.e. airfare, hotel, and car rental per diem).
  • Limited pool of qualified coders with travel availability to select from.
  • Billed downtime support for gaps in IT system availability—incurring additional costs.

Coding support's effectiveness should be time dependent. And we know how valuable time is to this industry.

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