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About HIRG

Founded in 2007 by two experienced HIM professionals, Health Information Resource Group, Inc. (HIRG) has impacted the market with its unique combination of remote and on-demand services. Vanessa Duplechain, MS, RHIA, former Health Information Management (HIM) director, and Jody Wassel, a veteran HIM recruiter, have partnered to offer their clients an augmented coding solution that is truly superior in the healthcare industry.

With a combined 30-plus years experience in HIM and coding resource recruitment, HIRG delivers on its promises and provides around the clock customer service tailored to its clients' incidental and planned staffing needs.

HIRG approaches their clients as individuals in order to customize their remote coding needs. The result is a partnership that benefits HIM management and their coding staff as the primary clients, while also working with the leadership to assist with the executive level demands and financial goals of the organization.

What We Do

Health Information Resource Group, Inc. recognizes that all hospitals have coding/reimbursement needs that are fluid and ever changing. Breaking down these fluid factors and working as partners to provide the most cost effective augmented solutions is what HIRG is all about.

When any of these factors start to affect the hospital's coding needs, HIRG is there to help our clients get back on track.

What Makes Us Unique

The HIRG Solution:

  • We make recruiting the most qualified candidates a major component of our day-to-day operations.
  • We forge reliable and sustainable professional partners within our client's department and beyond HIM to maximize effectiveness.
  • We designate an internal auditing staff for each client that absorbs and maintains documentation of all coding guidelines and quality expectations.
  • Compliance is always our priority.
  • Provide certified, qualified coding professionals.
  • We are committed to availability and communication when meeting our client's needs.
  • We make ourselves available to be there when you need us.
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