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Health Information Resource Group provides the kind of coding candidates that meet your specific facility's coding needs. Recruiting quality coding staff is our number one business priority.

Our coding professionals know that when they work for HIRG that high expectations are set, quality and professionalism are required, seamless operations between HIRG and client are the norm, and communication is a must.

The HIRG Candidate Difference

HIRG candidates must have a minimum of 3 years coding experience. We screen all candidates with pre-employment exams that are updated quarterly to reflect the latest coding guideline changes.

All HIRG coding professionals are required to maintain their industry mandated CEUs each year, as well as, attend frequent company-wide Remote Coding Roundtables, current client concerns, and topics regarding healthcare reimbursement and liabilities .

HIRG conducts internal audits on its coders to ensure your compliance is maintained with a 95% accuracy rate. This is a cost that HIRG absorbs so we know we are accountable for the quality services we provide to you. And our reliable service is always on-demand.

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